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Our client — In 2017, near the resort year of Rijeka, Croatia, a new modern factory was built for the processing of fish from the Adriatic Sea. The factory occupies 4500 m2 and is equipped with the most modern equipment. In connection with the launch of new departments, we are looking for:


1) Cleaning and milling fish
2) Packaging ready-made products
3) Strictly adhere to sanitary standards


Salary 550 euros for women, 610 euros for men for the first 2 months of work, in which the employee will receive comprehensive training (in these months you can earn more, subject to work, the salary is what the employer guarantees, the rest depends on the employee)

After training, the average salary in the company is 750-850 euros / month

The best employee at the end of the month earned 941 euros

1. We provide free accommodation right near the factory (there is a photo of the apartment, conditions are very good)
2. The company has a kitchen where you can warm up or prepare your lunch during a break
3. We formalise you in accordance with Croatian labour legislation (you will have 20 days of paid leave, sick leave if necessary, social insurance)
4. We are looking for employees for a long time and are ready to provide work for at least 3 years
5. We already employ foreigners from and we will be glad to expand our staff
6. We provide work clothes and all the necessary tools
7. We provide free Croatian language courses and transfer home
8. The vacancy provides for the possibility of obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence in Croatia.

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